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My name is Chris Allen, also known as djchrisallen on the internet. I specialize in marketing, advertising, and brand design.

I’m the founder of an independent agency called mrchrisallen (founded in 2016) and I am passionate about design, product, and brand focused engagements. I grew up in Canada (London & Calgary) but now reside in Scottsdale, Arizona.

My biggest passion outside of family and work is the world of gastronomy. I absolutely love trying new cuisines, hunting down elusive Michelin star restaurants, and attempting dishes myself at home. I’m an avid traveler, a voracious consumer of quality electronic dance music, and media enthusiast.

Stuff & Things

iPhone XS (256GB, Space Gray)

MacBook Pro (15-inch, 2018, Space Gray)


Office Speakers
Sonos Play:1 (Pair)

Eero Base Station (x3)

Favorite Food

Favorite Music Genre
Minimal Techno

Favorite Car Brand

What I’m Currently Working On:

What I’ve Worked On in the Past:

How to Stay in Touch:


Commenting on current events, what I’m passionate about or find funny, etc.


Photos of my attempts at appearing artistic, a travel diary, and naturally pictures of food.


I keep a Facebook account open so that I can advertise. You’re unlikely to receive a response here.

Email Me.

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